How to create post for your blog in just 3 seconds? | 1 Click WP Blogpost Review + Demo


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Are you Wordpress blogger.You may be any working on any niche or any business. If you want to grow your business or your blog you have to write content on your blog.Some people love to writing content into there blog but some people are not interested into writing content.So there is big problem that you want to grow business using your website that may be affiliate marketing,your own company or blog for giving information to people.

To solve the problem of your website content there is one plugin which is introduced by the Ankur Shukla.This plugin is very important to your website to create a content free without hiring any content writer or creating your own team for managing your website.This will save your money as well as time for research on the google for which you can take more efforts.I recommending one tool which is called as Shemrush. This is world’s no.1 keyword research tool. Using that tool you can easily find the keyword which is related to your niche and you can easily rank your website into google,yahoo or bing search engine.

 For writing any type of content onto your website you must have one domain name as well as for storing the data onto your website you must have to webhosting service.I have already written an article on how you can buy domain name or hosting for your website.You can check here:

How to buy domain name for your website in 5 minutes.

How to buy Hosting for your website in 5 minutes.

Now let’s see about the 1 click blogpost plugin.This plugin is avilable for wordpress website as well as you can use this plugin for any other platform to publish your content.Because this is cloud based software.So you can publish there content into blogger,Medium,Quora or any forum where you want to publish it.

Let see the overview of this wp plugin. This plugin import data from the YouTube videos which are published into any Youtube channel worldwide.There will not be any problem to import the data from that perticular Youtube channel you can import 1 video at one time.This tool/plugin will help you to sort out the content video to text format.

How to work on 1 Click Blog Post?

  1. For working into 1 Click blog post 1st you have to download the plugin from here which has starting cost of just $9 , $19, $22.
  2. After that you have to install that plugin into your wordpress website,then activate your plugin then it will show icon of that plugin into your plugin section.
  3. After that you have to scroll down to the end of the post creation you will see the interface like shown in picture below
1 Click Blog Post Review — Demo
1 Click Blog Post Review — Demo

4.In the youtube url you have to paste the youtube url from where you would like to generate your post content.

5.You can also add the video which is present into the youtube which content you had copied.

6.After that you have to enter the insert content button.Then it will ask you to enter prefer language in which would you like to generate the content for your site.

7.After few moments the content will be arrived into your wordpress site.

without doing so bulky work.This is power of 1blogpost wp plugin and it’s interface is also very simple.


This plugin is major advantage of the less time consumption. When you want to create a new post into your blog without using 1 click blogspot you may take upto several hours work but using the 1 Blogpost wordpress plugin you can easily make your post into 3 seconds.

Lower cost is an another advantage of the 1 click blogspot wordpress plugin. If you are going to run a blog and you are at beginner level.Then there will not be any investment from you to invest into your blog. But the plugin is at lower cost that will affordable to you and its cost is as low as you can buy 3 or 4 new hosting servers.

Low investment Higher Return is the another one advantage of the 1 ClickBlogpost plugin.You invest some money into the plugin in returns that will give you higher returns if you are going to affiliate marketing then there is much more content available into videos but you can’t use it.So here is solution of your problem.

If you want to buy this plugin then just click here you will redirect to the purchase page.Where you can select the plugin pack and buy it according to your budget.

My words:

I would prefer to you that you should buy the $22 pack because it comes with the unlimited website building as well as you can create the unlimited blog posts.In addition to that you can Easily use that tool into other websites like medium,blogger,twitter,linkedin, forums as well.

Just go here and grab your best deal!!!

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