How to Buy Hosting for your website in 5 minutes



How to Buy Hosting for your wordpress website??

 When you are going to create new wordpress website 1st you have to buy a domain for your website.Domain name is name for your website as like My domain name is RJTricks so like that you have to create domain name for your website.I have already given a article on this topic how you can buy a domain name for your website.
After buying a domain name for your website you have to buy a hosting for your website.Hosting is a space where you can store the all the data for your website such as photos,audios and videos,text as well.
Before buying a hosting for your website you must consider the following things into your mind.
  • What is the size of your website?
  • How much data is going to consumed by your website?
  • Whether the website is going to a business website or the personal use blog or informational website(niche of your website)
  • From where the audience is going to come onto your website? 

So let's see all those points in step by step manner.

What is niche of your website?

This is major factor for your website.I should say this is very very important factor for web hosting buying.Before a buying a domain or hosting you should consider about the niche of your website.Niche means topic of your website.For what purpose you are going to build a website that may be for service of people,for marketing your product,spreading knowledge to other people or for personal blog this is major factor.After you selected your niche then you are ready to buy a domain name or hosing for your site.
If you have own blog and you took a dedicated web hosting for website then it will be the waste of money to you.Because dedicated web hosting is for those persons who are running big sites for there own company,they have there own products to promote so they will buy that particular dedicated server.
So before starting a blog thing about what type of website you are going to run on your website.

What is the size of your website?

In this point you should consider what is the file storage of your website that will decide the size of your website some websites are very small. As you are reading this article so you are a beginner into the blogging field so will recommending you to buy a small web hosting.
There are majorly 3 types of web hosting are present into hosting packages of company.
1.Shared Hosting
2.VPS Hosting
3.Dedicated Hosting
But if you are beginner then I will recommend you to buy the shared web hosting for your website because it will be better for your website rather than buying costly web well as in starting days there will not be bulk traffic in your website.So your money will also saved in starting so will invest that money into other essential part of the website.
If you are looking for best shared hosting website I would recommend you a bluehost because I have work experience with bluehost company.They have good server quality,maximum uptime.And good costumer support for beginners.

 How much data is going to consume by your website?

This is another question while getting web hosting for your website.In this section we are going to talk about the all amount of data which is present into your website.If you are starting a website which has big size like a business website then you must needed the higher storage space for your website.Before buying a hosting you should check about the SSD storage of that perticular website. But as you are beginner and going to run a business website then I would recommending you to buy web hosting from blue host cause they are giving a unlimited SSD storage space for your web hosting.

Audience Source of your blog

This is also major factor for buying your web hosting.Because it will affect the website reach as well as audience experience. So before going further I would like to discuss about this thing.So first thing comes into your mind that what is relationship between audience and web hosting?
But there is good reason between audience and your site.If you are going to visit a website on google and you tap on the first link of the result and you tried to open the website but it did not open.You go back and checked another website.You tap on that website link as you as you blink your eye.The website has opened. 
This is major diff. between that two sites you always try to visit a site which opens quicker than other website.You loved to go that website and collect the information from there.Why that 2nd website load faster than the 1st website because of the hosting of the 2nd website.You will see the conversions as well as traffic for your website when you have good web hosting then your competitor.This factor 100% affect to your visitor to always come into your site and see the products as well as the they will buy them.This works for all niches whether you are working on anything.
If you are running a website into US,UK and you are using a server of Africa then your site may load slower but if you are using a web hosting which is near to your country or which is present into your country then it will definitely effect the site speed so I would always suggest to buy web hosting which is giving you the server which is present into your country.
For the speed purpose of the website I would definitely suggest you to buy the BlueHost because it has servers which are based into the your country.Whether you are from US,Europe,Asia,Africa you always get the best server for your web hosting.
So let's see the step by step Process of how you can buy the hosting for your website in low cost.
  1. For Buying webhosting from the BlueHost 1st visit the website of bluehost from here for activating your best deal on the blue host hosting.You will see the interface like shown in the picture.After that you should click on the Get Started button.There is free domain is also avialble into bluehost if you buy a perticular web hosting package.
  2. After that you will see the page for selecting the plan for your website.I would suggest the 3rd plan for your website,because it has many features like Domain Privacy,Site Backup which will help you in the future while developing your website.In the setup page if they will ask you to enter domain name so can add your domain name which you have suggested for your blog or you can get new one by filling the domain name.Otherwise you can crate a domain name later according to your blog.                                                                                                       

  3. In this step the hosting site will ask you to set up with your account via filling your details like name,address,contact no,Full name,Country name,Zip Code,City.But I will recommend you to you select the gmail account and you will easily see the you have successfully sign up for the bluehost account.
  4. In the last step they will ask you to how you want to pay for your purchase?In this step you should give your credit card or debit card details and after that you have to click on make payment.After purchase you will get your hosting.

Congratulations you have successfully buy the hosting for your website.Now you can post anything related to your niche.
if you want to know more about your niche idea and research with the help of your niche I would recommend you to buy the SemRush tool for keyword research.
And if you don't want to write your post I have another one tool which is called as the 1wp blogpost using this tool you can easily write your article in the 3 seconds.


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