How to Buy a domain name for your website?

 How to Create WordPress Website in 5 minutes

Creating website in now days is very important because you have to run your business or you have to write a content online and publish to internet for educational purpose or information purpose.If you are creating website for your business then it will became your identity on internet.So that identity must be unique and it should be awosome.And if you are creating website for any educational purpose or informational purpose,so that time there must be good information.

But Creating website is not so simple as you are thinking because there are many steps has to follow to create a website,For creating website you must have your blog name.Blog name is identity of your blog which means that blog name identifies your name on online platform. Blog name can be vary depending upon business or what niche you are working on that may be education,technology,information blog,food blog,clothing blog,affiliate marketing website,shopping blog like amazon,ebay,walmart,flipkart etc.

Let's see step by step process for creating your own blog(website).

  1. Select domain name for your blog. For e.g. Amazon,Google.
  2. After that visit the website of Namecheap or visit link here
  3. Then you will redirect to the website of NameCheap as shown in picturein that box you have to type the website name which you want to develop as per your requirement.

  4. In the next step you have to select the extension which you needed for your website like .com .net .org are the standerd extensions for your domain name.In this picture I have selected the domain name as as like that you have to choose your domain name according to your need.You can also make a website on your name. 

  5. After that you have to proceed further.In that page you will check that the domain which you have selected is available or not if that domain name with that extension is available then you can proceed to further checkout process.In my case I got the exact domain name as I wish to buy. So Process to checkout.But in some cases that will not be available so you have to do one thing you can change your extension between given options.As given below,


  6. In the next page you can see that there is cart is present in that cart you have to chose which product do you want to add into your cart such as hosting,SSL certificate and many more things as you wants to add.After selecting the products you have to check it another time and click on confirm order button.

  7. In the next step you will see that you have to put the the all the details regarding to your account which include the entering the username,password,email id as well. After that you have to click on the Create account and Continue button it will redirect you to the billing page.

  8. In the next page there you have to give a proper genuine information about which will asked by the website like a Name,LastName,Address,Phone number,Email address after that click on the confirm button.

    Then you will be redirect to the final confirmation page where you have to pay your money of your order.Then you will receive a mail which you had entered into website.Confirm that mail and you will redirect to the dashboard of the namecheap.

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