What is snapchat?/snapchat streak information

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You use many social media application like facebook, what'sapp,instagram,LinkedIn,Instagram as well as Snapchat too. You are reading this article because you want to know how you can create a streak on snapchat.You are learning in college and your friends are talking about these things that I use the Snapchat.I have done streak with my friend her name is she likes me or anything else,she also done streak with me and I am so lucky as so...

So you also wants to do streak on the snapchat So you have to go on snapchat.Then there will be many options like the chat, camera, discover.
The streak is the thing which is like a story on the Facebook, status on the whatsapp app you send a pics to story of your application and then the user like your story so it love that story so viewer replies your story.
So in snapchat like that feature you have a streak option. In the streak you have to send some photographs or some emojis or blank pic's which you want to send. After that the receipt see your story or pic then if he/she like that pic or not like too she/he replies to your story.
You can send many streak per day. After that you will get the fire point for that pic. And if you continuesly do this things there will be milestones of 50,100 so that milestones are called as the snapstreak.

Let's see this practically how it is work?

 1.Open your snapchat,then you will see interface like this,it is home window of snapchat. So you have to click any picture which you want to send to receipt by clicking the camera icon on the screen.
2.After clicking the picture there will be shown image like this you can edit your image using the various options which are given to the right side of the screen.
These options are 

   1. Text on the screen :- 

you can enter any text on the screen by tapping that 'T' latter.

   2. Drawing on the screen :-

 You can draw anything on the screen by using the pencil icon which is present at the screen. You can draw anything on screen. As you want choosing any color.

   3. Sticker:-

 You can add sticker into the your image there are many stickers are Available for user into snapchat.

   4. Crop :- 

Crop option is available for the user you can crop any image as your specifications.

   5. Linking:-

 Link can be given into the image do that when you receipt will tap on the link at that time it will be very easy to visit any perticular site.

   6. Timer :-

 Timer is also available for the user. You can get the timer option so that costomize that how many times do you see your images to receipt.
When you press the send button which is present into the right side bottom there will be list of users will come across to you.

3. After showing the list of users you have to select the users which you want to send messages.After that select send the image which you have clicked.
As you have sent the image the user see your post or image if he will respond to your image then it will be good and receipt will also send a message to you that means you have completed your one streak. On this way you can complete the streak for your snapchat account.

What is snap?

In snapchat you will listen this word many times.And there will be question arrive behalf to yours what is snap in snapchat.
You click a photo into snapchat that is called as snap.

How to go into your profile in snapchat?

In the main window of the snapchat you will see icon of your picture just tap on that picture you will see the profile of yours.

You will see your name,your username,your snap points and many options which are present into the snapchat as like,

Add to my story option:-

Using that option you can add any story to your snapchat account. You have to just click on that option and click the image and send to your story for 24 hours.

Add our story option:-

In this option of the snapchat you can add story to your local area friends which are within 50 km of range from your area.

Add friend option:-

In this option you will see how many friends have send you a friend request. You can send them request back therefore they will also added back by you.

My friends option:-

In this option you will see how many friends are present into your profile and what is there current status you can also see there snap points. On there profile section.

Change my outfit option:-

In this option you will see that you can change your shirt,pant,cap,shoe and many outfits which are Available into the snapchat.

Edit my BitEmoji option:-

In this option of snapchat you can see how do you want to show yourself into people's mind. You can create your own image digitally in the snapchat.

Selfie option:-

In the selfie option you will see there are many selfies are present into the snapchat in which you can set your selfie which you want to show to the world.

Snap map:-

In the snap map you can modify that if you want to show yourself location on the snapchat to your friends. If you will not show your location then it will hide your current location to everyone that is called as the ghost location on tha snapchat language.

Discover feature:-

In the discover feature of snapchat you willl see the multiple stories which are shred by your friends as well you can check out the new filters which is added by the snapchat.

What are different features offered by the snapchat??
There are many features are given by the snapchat

Filter option:- 

which are you can decor your pic using the filter option which is Available after you click the picture after that it will show you your picture at that moment you have slide on left or right side for changing your filters. There are many filters are available and those filters are changing day by day as well as they are time depending filters so you can change it any time. When you create a new snap.


You can create your personal emoji into snapchat which is called as the BitEmoji.
You can create your emoji as you have to go into your profile.section in that profile section you will see the edit my BitEmoji option which will see in the as shown in the picture just click on that,

You can update your bitmoji as you wanted. As well as you can change your outfit into your profile section as that is present above the edit my BitEmoji option.

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