How to Download TrueCaller in JioPhone keypad phone,Jiophone 2 (Very simple method)

Hello friends welcome to RJTRICKS,today in this article I am going to tell you how you can run/download/install TrueCaller into your Jiophone.Many users which are using the jiophone in india are facing this major problem that how they can recognise the unknown contact numbers which are trying to contact them without there permission or even they did not give contact number to them.

About 376 million users are present in India who is using the jio sim card about 25% of them are using the jiophone in india i.e. about 100 million are jiophone users.So there are many problems are being faced by that user because Jiophone is working on KaiOs.Which is used for only Jiophone and on that Os platform there is only jio apps and some Google apps are working and not others are working.So users are not satisfied to work with the Jiophone, every user security is on the risk so that they always ask to give solution that how they can use the TrueCaller into the Jiophone.
There is trick which is I have given using that trick you can use the TrueCaller into your Jiophone Device which may be Jiophone,Jiophone 2.

Follow these steps for use TrueCaller into Jiophone

Step 1:- Open the browser which is present into your Jiophone
Step 2:- Then search for TrueCaller into the browser, therefore there will be results will come in the search history, select the 1st result into the history.
Step 3:- Then it will pop up a search icon put the mobile number which you want to search. Then it will allow to use cookies of that site skip it or allow them.
Step 4:- After that it will ask you to Signup with the Google, Facebook,Mail select the convienient option for you.
Then the result for that search will come on your eyes. In the result of that number you will get the contact number owner name, his/her circle name with country name. You will get the call history of that user,how many times did he/she call you?? How many messages did he/she did to your contact number.
You can do whatever you want to do with the contact number which is search by the user. You can save that number you can block that number,spam that number or do whatever you want.

There are many options are available.

Owner information:-

You will get information about the owner of that number. In which state that number is a belongs to which region as well as you will see the options for saving the contact number, block that number or report as spam.

Call history:-

You can check call history of that specific user as well as you can check the message history for that user.

Backup call history:- 

There is option into TrueCaller that you can backup the call history of any particular user into the Google drive. there will not be any charge of that service.You will backup all call history as well as you will get the all SMS history into your linked gmail account.

Call recording:-

TrueCaller also support call recording that will record all your calls which are done through your Mobile which will save into the file manager of your device.

Quick mobile recharge:-

Using the TrueCaller you do a mobile recharge on various platforms like paytm,UPI, FreeCharge,Debit card/Credit Card. Using simple steps which is mentioned into the app.

Frequently asked questions:-

Q.1) Why Jiophone does not support the TrueCaller?
Ans. Jiophone works on the KaiOs which is incompatible with TrueCaller.So you need to use the Web version of the TrueCaller.

Q.2) Is there any update that Jiophone will support the TrueCaller?
Ans. No,there is no any official update about TrueCaller will launch a app for Jiophone.

Q.3) Does jiophone support the whatsapp status,??
Ans. What's App is working on Jiophone for status sharing option it will update soon.

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